*continues* dont mind my english pls*
this period after the school strike, when i kept to myself as i was battling with my emotions due to my bad result, i hardly saw frank and it also seems like he was busy as well cos he was in his finals that year, however after my intimate encounter with sussy i decided to pay frank a visit on a monday morning on my way to school. Entering franks room i saw one babe lying down on his bed, but did not see frank, she greeted and i inquired about frank and she told me that he was at the hostel backyard, on getting there i saw my guy easing himself out with a stick of benson while holding the packet on the other hand, he was with a hostel neighbour and we all greeted. “badest boy u no dey nter sch today” i asked he just looked at me and said “u don forget me finish nah? Dis one u come my house today” and i replied “u no go understand” he handed me the packet of benson which i declined and he smiled, seriously i knew i had done many bad things but i know i would never do half of what he has done, and i wondered for my result to be this bad how about his own how will it be. I smiled back with a different thought on my mind and he began telling me about the girl in his room, that she was one of his christmas conquests and that she had been with him since saturday, i hailed him “but wait oo how about vera?” i suddenly asked cos i knew that he cant try such thing before, because of vera, he laughed again and said “that one come back after the strike dey tell me say e don dey marry” i was suprised but since frank was happy about it we changed the topic and i listened to his tales about how he had been f*cking the girl since saturday, though i laughed out when he told me that the babe was very open, and her thing can swallow my small head. We gisted alot that morning and before i knew it the time was past eleven, d--n i have missed school on a monday, hope i will not *Bleep up* again this week, i reasoned as i laughed over franks endless jokes….
To be continued

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