We finally strolled to school{i left my car at my hostel} that day around 1:30pm, not for lectures but just for fun cos the numerous chics in imsu can make one come there as a tourist, so we were just hanging around law faculty that afternoon, when we saw a very sexy damsel, though she wasnt facially attractive but from her chest down to her behind could win her a record, frank whistled as he gazed at her behind and we devoured her with our eyes, frank shook me and said he was going after her and i answered “you cant be serious, this girl will insult you oo” cos she looked a bit matured and older than us but her behind is really one of a kind, the type we know as heavy duty. Frank moved towards her and i followed behind him walking slowly while he increased his pace to meet up with the big a.s s chic, she was going up-school with her a.s s dangling behind. Frank caught up with her and after walking a few yards with her stopped, and waited for me while she moved on, looking at frank i saw a smile of happiness on his face as he told me that he had gotten her number, finally we achieved something today he said and we laughed{stupidly}. To my suprise it wasnt up to two weeks before she started visting frank, and his hostel boys where like “woooow dis damsel is very hot ooo” and some of them really even wanted to view as frank f*cked her, they reached an agreement with him that whenever it sets he should flash them but seriously the “babe as. s set die”. After about two visits to franks house, he finally succeeded in f*cking her and as promised the hostel boys where there to watch, but instead of it ending that day they still wanted to watch more, especially those who was not there the first time, as for frank he did not feel anything for the chic, he only loves her b---m which he calls ‘pillow’ and her as. s so it was nothing to him and this continued until the chic caught them watching her getting intimate with frankgrin, i died of laugher when frank gisted me about it, *see guys come turn mumu* i laughed out…
full gist later….
to be continued….

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