Frank was living in the ground floor of a massive hostel of about 100 self contained rooms, his room had only two windows which faced the backyard, so anyone passing through the backyard could get a view of franks room especially if his window is open, his hostel boys then formed a habit of always coming through the window to collect anything from frank especially matches whenever they were at the backyard smoking. He however always loves leaving his window open but always closes the curtain expect if there was no light. On this fateful day the big a.s s chic was riding frank, while the boys gently opened the curtain, the blaring music inside the room helped them to get un noticed but according to frank as they tried to change position, the babe *involuntarily* looked towards the window and shouted *chie* while diving towards the bed at the same time to hide her Unclad body, frank immediately got up and went towards the window after wrapping himself with a blanket, but by that time almost all the boys had disappeared except for one, who feigned innocence and said “sorry oo my guy abeg help me with matches” he said and pretended as if he saw nothing while frank gave him the matches and pretended to be angry, the boy apologised again and left, the chic was so angry that day and almost left immediately while frank went to the backyard to laugh with his hostel mates as they were yabbing and accusing each other playfully, so what do they derive from watching you i asked frank and he replied he dosent know, but that some boys behave foolishly, however i did not blame them because even though there are thousands of girls in owerri, not all students could afford to get them, it depends on your flow, your money or your luck, and often most of the guys suffer from *kongi*. But however his relationship with the big a.s s girl did not last long for she caught frank red handed with joy{his village love} and left frank for good….
To be continued

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