Joy was the girl, who frank was almost beaten for. He finally sealed their love last christmas{f*cked} and since then she became franks puppy, she is a very beautiful girl and i must say the most beautiful girl frank had ever gotten, she had everything frank has ever wished for in a woman, and frank has also told me numerous times that he will like to marry her in future, was he serious? “I know not anyway lets watch and see”. The only problem joy had is her family, her parents are the type who do not question their childrens whereabout and that often makes joy to have the liberty a girl of her age is not supposed to have, this often upsets frank who often doubts her faithfulness because he knows that she has the chance to do as she like, joy had a big desire to continue her tertiary education but her parents are lacking in care which i ruled to be caused by poverty, but then i have seen poorer families who had two to three children in the university. Sometimes i do feel for her and even frank had told me that if she will still be there for him after he had graduated that he will help her out in her schooling, this is the first time frank has ever felt for someone and i guess he really liked her. So instead of her to be lazying around at home frank always do invite her to spend some weeks with him{yet her parents never bothered} and that day was such of does periods. After the big a.s s girl left in anger she refused picking franks call for almost two weeks, so frank gave up on her until he heard a knock on his door on a tueday afternoon, joy was inside with him watching film, and as he opened his door he was suprised to see the big a.s s girl standing in front of the door and smiling, frank was confused and with no clue what to do next, when she said “lets go inside nah” bringing frank back to himself “no we cannot” frank answered with a straight face while the big a.s s chic felt like murdering him right away….
To be continued

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