I decided to stop at franks house that afternoon on my way home from school, in order to grab a quick lunch, cos he told me that his girl was making a delicous meal, but i was suprised when i met frank at his hostel gate arguing with the big as s babe, but i hid my suprise and went up to them “longest time” i said to the big a.s s girl, she refused to answer me but just sighed and left immediately, i tried to go after her but frank held me back saying “leave her to go” i wasnt really happy with franks behaviour that day cos we are all humans but then i wondered whether a womans curse, do really work, cos if it does frank would really have a messy future, anyway i quickly forgot about frank and his problems as i consumed the sweet delicacy joy had prepared, she was a wonderful cook.
Up till this moment i have been unable to keep any relationship after christy{cos i never took sussy as my girlfriend, cos i knew she had other boyfriends}, i have numerous friends with benefit yes, but yet i have been unable to develop anything with any of them, is it because i left my heart at home, or is it because i dont want to get hurt again or is it because i dont trust girls anymore or is it cos i havent really seen the person i like i often wondered, however up till this moment i do like women alot but yet i havent felt anything special for any of them since the christy episode maybe am scared of being used again i dont really know, but one thing i realised was that having friends with benefits, is very much cheaper and you dont owe any of them any explanation as they wont also owe you any, however it also comes with its own disadvantages but the only thing i avoid doing up till this moment is to lick or suck k---y, i know its sounds weird and unromantic but i could not get myself to do it, and it often lands me in a big quarell with the girls but i dont really care but i still do pray my wife would understand or i might have learnt how to do it by then. This was the situation i was in as i progressed to my 500level and final year while frank graduated this same year….
To be continued

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