Getting into final year, has many problems which comes with it, numerous morning lectures, numerous assignments, experiments and research, numerous term paper to do, preparation for seminar, very busy schedule, much spending of money and the last year of seriousness cos everyone wants to make a good grade likewise me and that was in 2011{ i skipped many parts of 2010, the imsu strike period and 2010 xmas cos they were uneventful}. Frank still paid for his accomodation this year cos he was yet to do his clearance, i was happy for that for he still was my closest friend and had out grown all those his silly behaviours of the past and i had long forgiven him, i still retained my room in okwu uratta cos i really love there and the mid night robberies and scares had reduced very well cos i could very much remember when i packed in new to that area, almost every night would be dominated with gunshots and robberies, you would be in your hostel watching as they rob the neighbouring hostel, breaking doors and intimidating people while we pray for morning to reach however the nigerian police do try at least by always coming there at that time even though they might be a bit late, but the fear of police presence always make the hoodlums leave very fast thereby skipping some rooms, i cant really stop to think what could really have happened without police in that area, and the worst thing that could happen for a guy is for his girlfriend to be around when a robbery is ongoing inside his hostel, cos you will forget your own safety and think about hers and the worst is that they always have the tendency of humilating guys staying with their girlfriend, you really need to be there to understand our situation then, once it was 7pm going from bishops court to okwu uratta is at your own risk. Frank never really understood what it means to be robbed until one saturday night, when the hoodlums visited his hostel….
To be continued

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