Frank just stood looking at them like a fool, the smallest of the bandits advanced towards him ready to shoot but one of them held his shoulder saying “we still need the maga” the smallest of them then gave him a professional slap sending him staggering backwards, just that moment his bladder failed him and he felt hot urine on his legs, he was then dragged from one room to the other where he was forced to knock on each door while the unsuspecting occupant would then open and get robbed, they were professional and very fast and within 3o mins the whole room downstairs had been robbed and just immediately the biggest among them recieved a call “nah go” he said to his colleagues while the smallest öne held frank saying “wetin we go do this one nah” they stood for a while looking at him, he was standing in their midst sweating and begging God to give him one more chance to life that he will never womanize and misbehave again that he had repented, he thought of his family and mum and tears fell out of his eyes, he regretted paying for house rent again this year and he knew that they would shoot him cos they are professionals and secrecy is their game and nobody had ever seen their face and lived to talk about it, they dragged frank to his room{the other guys were still lying down till now face downwards} took his pen on top of his table, wrote something in a piece of paper and put inside the pocket of his trouser while the smallest one smiled aimed his gun at frank as he closed his eye not wanting to witness his death and immediately he felt a sharp pain at the back of his head as he collasped….
To be continued

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