Frank slowly opened his eye and saw joy squeezing hot napkin{small towel} at the back of his head, he could not believe it, but then he was hearing noises and shouts every where around the hostel and he asked her please what time is it which she replied its still quarter to four{3:45am}, i thought they shot me he asked joy. She laughed and said “fear fear boy nobody shot you” then what happened he asked her, in which she replied i could not see much from the toilet but from what i could see, i saw the smallest one among them aim a gun at you while the big one behind you hit you with the butt of his gun from behind and as you fell they immediately ran away, thank God frank said again. Frank really was grateful to joy that day cos her quick reflex action saved his phone that day, she had formed the habit of always holding franks phone and that night she held the phone as she fell asleep, so she was still with the phone when she ran into the toilet.
I woke up that morning and logged into facebook as usual only to see franks update saying thank you God for saving my life from the hands of robbers, i immediately called him and he confirmed it, i was really suprised cos robberies rarely happen in their own area, so i quickly drove to his place to get the full gist. After narrating the whole episode to me, i inquired about the piece of paper they put inside his pocket, he brought the paper and showed me and written in it was ” WE KNOW YOU AND DONT THINK OF TALKING ABOUT US ELSE WE COME FOR YOUR LIFE”in bold letters i just muttered hmmm while frank told me that the last thing in his mind is to even talk about them. Just then some of his hostel mates entered his room telling him to follow them and go and make a police statement{report}….
To be continued

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