Frank and i later inspected the level of damage done to his window that morning and we saw that the iron protector guilding his window was pulled out by the robbers as if it was nothing, those guys were really too much, i thought. Frank later accompanied his hostel mates to the police station while i went back to my hostel cos it was a sunday morning, on getting to my hostel i met chinwe at the gate on her way to church, she greeted and smiled to me while i smiled back and asked her to include me in her prayers. Chinwe is a very beautiful fair girl, with average bosoms and a bit large backside, she however was short in height but that did not in anyway spoil her beauty, we lived in the same hostel, though she lived on the 1st floor while i lived on the last floor, i really liked her and she do also like me and most times i do admire her secretly, even frank was attracted to her but however there was one problem and that was my neighbour james, she was his one and only girlfriend and he really was dying for her and james was also my friend who always comes to me to seek advice whenever he has problems with her and he really trusted me. James is from a middle class family and he spoils her with lots of money but then he was gentle with no ‘swagger’ cos thats the only problem i noticed he had, he was the type of guy who behaves like a pastor, dresses like a gentleman, keeps to himself and does not behave like a 21st century student, however i do not really know much of his intimate life with chinwe but i do know that chinwe sleeps in his room sometimes, however we all know that “a woman sleeps in your room does not mean that you bleeped her”. Chinwe always come to my room regularly and i noticed that she and james were always having problems lately and james felt happy when he noticed that chinwe do always come to my room instead of other guys room and in his mind he thought that she was safe with me. Chinwe on her own part now confides and feels free with me, while i was battling within myself whether to play along with this willing girl and take away the only girl my neighbour has or retain my neighbours trust and still be like a good boy they all thought me to be, this was really eating my mind this period and i was very much confused, and what would you do if you were in my shoes??
To be continued….

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