She came back from church later that day and brought a well prepared plate of rice for me, i was really grateful cos i was even planning to go back to franks house that afternoon to eat. We spent the remaining part of the day watching movie and i was suprised that james did not even come to check on her, well i kept my thoughts to myself and focused my attention to the movie we were watching which she brought with her. Around 5:30pm she told me to accompany her to merit hostel area for her to buy suya, and on our way there i inquired to know what was the problem between her relationship with james, she smiled and told me that they had broken up, i was suprised and asked her why in which she replied that she dosent like him again and that james is always complaining of her cheating on him, but are you cheating on him i asked? She was visibly annoyed and looked at me saying “which kind of question is that?, just then we approached the mallam selling suya where she bought and i paid. On our way back we were silent to each other while i thought on the best words suitable for a conversation, at last i apologised for being too forward but yet i needed to know since we were friends i told her, she smiled and said that he was just jealous over nothing just because she made some new friends when she travelled. I knew james was right to question her about her new friends but he shouldnt have pushed it too far. I changed the topic and we chatted about other things but when we reached our hostel stairs, i waited for her to climb first and as passed me, i noticed the shape of her a.s s very well and i mistakenly exclaimed “baby you are really beautiful ooo” and she said “is it now you are noticing me? and she looked back, giving me that her beautiful smile again. Hmmm am really still confused, what should i do??i asked myself as we went to my room
To be continued….

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