The time was around 6:30pm when we settled down in my room and she told me that she wants to go to her room and warm her food that she was coming back, i told her to be quick and she smiled again and left. I switched on my decoder selected trace tv channel, increased the volume and went to take my bath{we have the tendency of always wasting our hostel water by always entering the shower at any given opportunity} after bathing i changed to my night wear, increased my fan and lay down on my bed with a can of coke and biscuit beside me. I forgot all about chinwe cos i knew she wasnt coming{girls are used to promising to come when they aint coming and we have gotten used to not expecting them} besides she was my neighbours girl, but i was suprised when i heard a knock on my door and on opening my door she was the one standing there smiling. She was wearing a bum short and a white top{the kind of sleevless top girls tie on the back of their neck} her tommy was clearly showing and her n..ipples were very much pointing out and i just held myself and pretended like a guy, have you been waiting for long? she asked, and i smiled and told her i thought she was playing me, “how can i do that to you?” she asked me as she entered my room. I closed my door with different ideas running through my head, should i bleep this girl this night and d--n the consequences after all majority of the guys do that i asked myself as i sat near her on my bed still confused….
To be continued

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