However, boys life on campus is very much complicated {apart from the pastor type of guys} cos we manage with the little money our parents/ guardians give us to feed, buy text books, buy clothes, try to look good and spend the rest with unsatisfying greedy female folks who are good in making demands {*no insult meant*}, at the end of the day we end up starving, borrowing and still pretending and playing the role of big boys.
Due to the randy nature of most male folks who are always unsatisfying and tend to chase any girl they see, most of the female folks formed a major trust problem with us, that most of them really liked us not for love at the first instance, but for what they would gain from us. The rich fun seekers who also trooped the town also dosent make it any easier for us, cos most girls do prefer them and most often they tend to make a statement like “i don’t do student thing” or “i can’t date students”.
This made most of us to focus on hostel girls, departmental or faculty girls cos of the closeness and bond we form with them through constant association. However the cheating rate was still high among the girls & the guys, that most guys could only trust their girlfriend to a high limit only if she is living with him.
All these was what i was noticing in my first year on campus, that i started contemplating if not playing friends with benefit game is cheaper than trying to date a campus girl..
To be continued

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