Chinwe came to my room that afternoon with specially prepared garri with egusi soup and seriously the meat in that soup was more than the one my mum do put for me at home, this time she was putting on a jean trouser and small top so i felt comfortable in her presence while i ate the food as she watched a movie. After the meal i thanked her and told her that james told me to beg her, she looked at me and smiled saying poor boy, i went closer to her and told her my story from how i disvirgined to now and how i have been flirting around since i broke up with christy, so you see am no good for a nice girl like you, and that was why i refused to be intimate with you cos i dont want to take advantage of you i said, while james is truly faithful and loyal to you i concluded. I held her and told her that i really really like her but because of james we should hold ourself for the moment while she makes up with him at the moment. With a very sad face she told me that she had heard me but i should promise that i would still be her special friend offcourse we are still great friends i answered and she demanded a kiss from me which i gave her and she told me that she would go back to him but will never have s..ex with him. I agreed to that cos its now james problem all i just wanted was for her to go back to james first. She left my room immediately after and i rushed to james room telling him to go and beg her immediately and that he should endeavour spoiling her with fun and not just giving her money, james was really happy as he left for her room while i thanked my stars for chinwe accepting my proposal cos i hate scandals. I was engrossed with my assignment around 7pm that evening when james called and told me to get ready that he would buy fuel for me that we are going to mbari kitchen to eat and chinwe had accepted him back, i was happy for my friend and by 8pm that evening we were in the v.i.p section of mbari kitchen while chinwe kept on exchanging smiles with me. The heart of a woman can really be deceptive….
To be continued

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