“hmmm james hw far! Dis one your face is like this?” i asked with a guilty mind, he sighed and said “chinwe is worrying me i came for your advice” “nawao is it because of chinwe dat your face is like dis” i joked, but james wasnt in a happy mood and i promised to check on him once i return from school since am already prepared to go out, he obliged and i left for school that morning, however i stopped at franks place and picked him cos he was also going to school that morning for his clearance. I told frank what transpired between i and chinwe last night and he almost got angry with me saying that i have f..ucked up big time, that i am always fond of throwing away opportunities like that. I knew i f..ucked up but my conscience would never allow me to betray my fellow guy just because of s..ex, besides doing that to james would be like a rich man taking the food of a poor man to host a party and we never can tell tomorow. I came back from school that afternoon and went to see james as i promised. He was almost in tears as he asked me to beg chinwe on his behalf to come back to him, out of pity for him cos he truly loved her and she had been his girlfriend since he entered imsu{he was in 300l} i agreed to talk to chinwe that afternoon and he told me he would be waiting eagerly for her response. But when i got to my room that afternoon, i thought of how to go about it, cos i was not good in begging and i have not been in this position before and i do not really know how chinwe would take it. I was thinking about all these when chinwe called me “are you around” she asked when i picked the call “yea” i replied “ok am coming” she said and i waited for her as i prepared my speech, i have never been this nervous before…..
To be continued

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