We really had a great time there and we got back to our hostel around 10pm that evening while chinwe and james went to their respective rooms, however james promised to gist me everything the following day.
I was unlocking my door when i heard a familar voice saying “waka waka boy were you go since” and looking in the direction of the voice my face lit up in happiness “chei longest time, i missed you” i said “open your door jor” she said as she entered my room that night, her name is judith. She was a student of madönna university{a private university in anambra state} she is my neighbour cyndys best friend but we get along very much cos she was really attracted to material things, she comes once in a while mostly when her school is on vacation, she was fair in complexion, very tall{almost my height}, medium sized b---m, flat a..ss but very very pretty and presentable. However she was a runz girl and very greedy, she has numerous men friends and i knew none of them takes her serious, however she liked me very much as a friend and always likes staying in my room whenever she was around and i always do hope that one day she would share some of her treasures with me and i do always treat her nice whenever she was around. So as we entered my room i carried her and she sat on my lap while we playfully gisted as usual, it was late in the night but seeing her has taken away sleep from my eyes and it also seems like she wasnt in a hurry to go to bed tonight.

She went to my fridge and brought out two cans of star, giving me one, i declined and she kept the two by her side as she put a nigerian party cd plate into my dvd and started dancing, i knew she was a party freak but she was kind of behaving abnormal tonight, i reasoned as i watched her dance, she was wearing her nightie{a short sleeveless night wear or short gown barely passing her waist} she danced for a while and begged me to join her, i laughed and said i can’t dance, then she came closer to me and said “val am feeling hor.ny tonight”
To be continued

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