Waking up on tuesday morning, i arranged my room while judith left for her friend cyndys room, she told me before she left that she would be travelling to porthacourt that morning with cyndy to see her uncle but i knew she was going for runz. I rushed through morning clean up and bath, then settled down to finish my assignment which i could not finish yesterday. I was eating bread after rounding my assignment when james came into my room, he was very happy as he settled down and told me what transpired between him and chinwe yesterday evening, but that she agreed to come back to him with an agreement of no sexu.al intercourse between them which he accepted, i advised him to take it easy with her though the best advice i could have offered my friend was to tell him to forget her and look for another girl, because if she can have the mind to flirt with me that means she could do much more outside. But how would i advise such thing to james without exposing myself i wondered, anyway i prayed for james eye to open cos chinwe does not love him. I later hurried to school in other to submit my assignment and i was still sorting out some problems with my course mates when i recieved a call from chinwe asking me what i would want her to prepare for me, “hmmm anything you like is fine by me” i answered as i thought where all these would end. I got back to my hostel around 1:30pm and was about settling down when i heard a knock on my door, i opened and it was chinwe, she entered asking me whether i missed her and i answered “somehow” trying hard to not be rude and polite at the same time cos i really do not want any scandal even though i like her. I heard another knock on my door and when i opened it was charlie, one of my hefty bad friends and looking at him i sensed that something was amiss, Dan has been arrested by the police this morning because of the saturday night robbery in aladinma he said. Whaaat! I exclaimed but dan travelled to his home that weekend i asked, he merely looked at me and i had no option than to go to the police station with charlie that afternoon cos both of them had often watched my back and i owe them, while i prayed not to be implicated in this mess, the time was 3pm when we got to the police station and the men in black did not waste time in trying to involve us.
To be continued

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