I entered the police station with charlie in full confidence and we went straight to a vast roöm/office which seems like the reception or counter where a female corporal was standing at the desk. After inquiry she directed us to the office of the i.p.o in charge of dans case, when we entered there i saw a young man of about 32 with double stars on his shoulder and his name tag was kunle, i knew we were in for a hot case{ a young guy with the rank of an a.s.p means he is a graduate and will be very smart} we introduced ourselves and he immediately placed us under arrest. We are member of dans gang, and he knew we will come he said. Charlie wanted to argue or plead but i tapped him to be silent and we were moved to another room where we were asked to put down our statements, i declined cos i dont know what to write i said, a slap landed on my face stunning me for the moment while i saw stars. This is a violation of my rights i said and was astonished as two other sergents whisked charlie away and it was remaining i and the a.s.p, those two guys fit the description he told me and who are you he asked. I smiled as i thought about what he said but i never knew someone could be arrested based on description or is there any other thing i was not being told i wondered. Dan is a very huge and tall guy, even though am among the tallest in school i still raise up my head to look at him, his girlfriend however is very short and we often do wonder how she copes with him, however his body makes him look scary but within him he was not that tough even though he was a cultist and i knew some students must have pointed him out based on that suspicion but i knew he was innocent. Who are you again the a.s.p asked me again bringing me back to my senses but i stared back at him rubbing my fast swelling face and thinking of the next line of action…..
To be continued

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