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However after much intimidation from the police we succeeded in bailing dan with 10k and a promise that he will be reporting every three days until investigation is completed and on our way out i met my childhood friend and primary school mate onyi, she was at the counter wearing a police uniform with the rank of a corporal. Onyiiii i screamed is this you? And she rushed and embraced me to the astonishment of other police officers present. Onyi had been my primary school dream girl, but now she is darker in complexion tall and very pretty in her uniform and as she excorted us to my car we gisted about old times and i fell in lust with her, “mehn dis chic will sweet oo” i said within me as we exchanged numbers and i promised to come pick her up on saturday evening for a date. Coming here wasnt bad after all i thought as we sped back home but my friends seem to know my thought and charlie said “fine fine babes full that station ooo” while dan interupted by saying “hmmm u never see anything self, just go their state headquarters and see correct babes” and we laughed but it seems like i will tell frank so that we could explore that side and see for ourselves i thought cos it will really be another great achievement if i could lay a police babe, i smiled as i concluded to bring the proposal to frank the following day. We got to our hostel and i went straight to chinwes room to collect my key which i left with her when going out, the time was around 5:45pm. She opened her door with a wrapper tied around her and demanded i should enter first before asking for my keys and i stepped into another temptation as i entered her room. “Sit down naw” she said or “are you shy” she asked, “shy kwa? nooo” i said as i sat down, she went to her balcony and came back with a plate of fried plantain and stew, i thanked her and began eating while she started rubbing cream on herself. After eating you will help me massage my back for me she said as i grunted and stared at her in disbelief, “dont tell me you will say no to that” she said as she saw me staring at her.
To be continued

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