After eating the plantain, she came over to her bed and lay beside me, she drew down her wrapper, showing her bare back while the wrapper still covered her behind, she was lying on her stomach. I gazed at her smooth back and was really turned on, i took her cream and started massaging her back, rubbing gently as she moaned silently, “your hand is very smooth” she said and i smiled. It is not that i dont like playing dirty games but my heart could not really accept doing it to james, cos i hate betraying someones trust but am a young boy and this had already started getting into my head, besides no girl had ever thrown herself so cheaply to me and i do not really want to hurt her feelings cos i also feel something for her but james was just my problem. After rubbing her smooth back for about 15mins i told her that i was tired and going to my room, she turned and faced me not minding that she was unclad at the top, wow my eyes bulged as i saw her ripe bosoms very clearly and swallowed. She looked at me with burning eyes as she gave me a se.xual look, i ignored her and stood up but as i reached to unlock her door she told me that she would break up with james if i leave her room, i stopped at my track and turned back looking at her and was suprised to see tears gathering in her eyes and my heart bled, this girl really loves me i thought and my likeness for her increased, i went back to where she was sitting and knelt by her side, its ok i said and i made up my mind to satisfy her cos to me it seems that she loves me more than all my female friends, i drew her closer and embraced her and just then there was a knock on her door and at the same time her phone rang and it was james, he was standing outside her door….
To be continued

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