She immediately composed herself, wearing a short skirt and a top, i opened the door and james came in. I smiled and told him that his girl just gave me a wonderful meal and we joked and i calmly excused myself, i was really happy to have excaped her room this evening but seriously i had already considered having a good time with her but i knew i could never have her as my girlfriend. As I reached my room i concluded to talk with james and i sent him a text telling him to come and see me when he is free, It wasnt long before i heard a knock on my door, and james entered. We had a long talk that evening and i finally convinced him to look for another girl after showing him pictures of some imsu girls that am not very close with via my phone and others from facebook and gave him their contacts and lectured him on their individual characters and on what they like. I was extremely tired that evening as james left for his room very happy, i had a fast bath and was about dozing when chinwe called me, the time was around 9pm and she asked me to open my door, i lazily opened my door and she went straight and lay down on my bed telling me that she would sleep in my room tonight cos she dosent want to sleep alone. I lay beside her but was too tired and weak to even make advances or touch her and was almost asleep when i felt some kind of sweet sensation, i awoke instantly to see chinwe on top of me with my Joystick almost inside her but was not yet cos i wasnt awake then and my Joystick was not fully erect. But as i got myself my Joystick also increased and penetrated her, she moaned and it felt sweet inside her honeypot without protection. “But wait oo am inside this chic without rubber” i said to myself but then it was already late for that as i held her two bosoms and rocked away joyfully…..
Sorry for the short episode today am just very busy would upload more tomorow Good night…
To be continued

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