However my petty romance with juliet still continued though now limited cos her niece has now moved into her apartment, so i no longer fancied going to her room but do invite her to mine sometimes especially when am lonely or when frank is not with any of his numerous friends. Meanwhile frank continued avoiding Amaka who started noticing franks behaviour and also started withdrawing from him, much to franks delight. We have now entered the second semester of our first year which began immediately after the first semester exams {imsu is prone to this method due to constant strike & in other to meet up with other universities}.
We always spend our time after morning lectures hanging in ETF building or at The school LOVE GARDEN starring at beautiful ladies after which frank will try to go after one or two while my courage often fails me to participate. Sometimes especially during evenings we do stroll to Alvan{F.C.E} in groups or with hostel mates cos we were living at works layout and it was a bit close to trek. Alvan is a federal college of education also situated in owerri and most of their population are females and they got love for university boys so most of us take it as an advantage and mostly flock there in search of babes. That was how my friend frank got a new chic sandra while i myself was still dull like a dunce..
To be continued……….

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