*Pls dont mind my english*
From that night onwards i started having secret s.ex with chinwe and i must say the secrecy made it sweeter and i started expecting her every other night, but seriously i never knew till today what she saw in me cos it was not because of money cos she have never demanded any from me instead she always bring food for me to the extent that i hardly invite sussy again. But the funny part of it was that chinwe still kept her relationship with james and was still milking him, am now a guilty guy so i did not interfere in their problem again. By now our 1st semester exams have drawn near and i focused more on my studies while enjoying chinwe or judith in my spare time. Chinwe on the other hand dosent care or ask me about my female friends even though she seems to keep to herself or behave somehow any time one of them is around. Seriously keeping a relationship aint good for a young student cos it dosent last and yet you will end up spending your money and breaking your heart even though i knew that given the opportunity 90 percent of male students will cheat. I was really having a good time with the ladies this period and was even making more female friends and i have also learnt not to ask any of them anything about their boyfriend or whether they are in relationships cos i just do mine for fun, but judith was more fun because any weekend she was around we do have a whole lot of fun together and she was the only girl that succeeded in eating my money this period cos she loves swimming, fastfood and clubbing and we do spend our time mostly outdoors after which she will compensate me with good s.ex. But one faithful sunday a week before the exams, a church group came to our hostel to preach and they dispersed going from one room to another, and that afternoon i was at the general balcony when one of them approached me, she was a very pretty fair sister, she wore a grey suit and as i stood and admired her natural beauty she said “peace be unto you, please i will not take much of your time, i just came to share the word of God with you” and i replied “surely it will be my pleasure to listen to Gods word, but lets go to my room” and as we entered my room i said “d--n i must get this babe even if it means i become a born again”
to be continued….. Happy sunday

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