We spent a whole lot of time that afternoon arguing and reading the bible and she was really impressed with me{i attended seminary sec. Sch so i was very familiar with the bible} and later invited me to their wednesday programme in school, we exchanged numbers and she left, her name is agatha. Wednesday soon came and after lectures that afternoon i went straight to the venue of their church programme and she was very glad to see me cos whenever our eyes met she will smile at me. The church programme ended around 4pm and i was extremely tired and decided not to attend such programme again, but agathas smile refreshed me as she walked towards me smiling “thanks for coming” she said and i smiled with an innocent face “are you going now i asked? And she replied yes, and i offered to take her home which she accepted even though she was suprised to know that i have a car, she now calls me brother val.
She was living with her parents in a family house at world bank and we chatted innocently as i drove her home, when we reached world bank vicinity i told her that i would really be glad if she could spare some of her time for me so that we could chat more, she looked at me and asked “but we have been chatting since” i smiled and begged her as i slowed down and drove into a fastfood joint. We chatted for long at the fastfood joint and she felt relaxed with me but yet i did not reveal my intentions to her cos i was threading cautiously. After that day we became very close friends always meeting after school and she became confiding a little to me and that was how i learnt she had a fiancee but by now i have mastered the trick of gaining girls trust and she even told me that she had gotten used to seeing me everyday that i should stop, but instead of stopping i intensified and now i had almost become a member of their wednesday fellowship and i later even met her mum one evening after dropping her at her house and she insisted that i should come greet her mother cos she shows her mum all her friends and that was how i endeared myself to her family. Am doing all these just because of a mere girl and seriously this wasnt me anymore or am i under a spell??….
To be continued….

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