However we soon finished our first semester exams and i was yet to get intimate with agatha, but On that particular day i finished my final year first semester exams something dramatic really happened and i could still remember as if it was yesterday. I was extremely excited and happy that day cos it was now remaining one semester before i become a graduate, however on my way to my hostel, chuks called me inviting me to his birthday party which he said he will be hosting by the lake side of all seasons hotel after which we will all go clubbing inside the hotel and i promised him that i would come, chuks was the son of a family friend and a serving state legislature, he was the only son of his parents and was overpampered. By 6pm that evening i was at the hotel dressed in my usual flamboyant way and covering my eyes with dark sun glasses, the pool side was already filled up with numerous babes and few guys, chuks was standing at the first table and we greeted well before he introduced me to the other guys, during the introduction i found out that most of the guys were politicians children and equally wealthy but i wasnt familiar with them all cos my parents do not really allow me to rapour with most of them because of their way of life. Every table was filled up with drinks and i just took a bottle of wine and settled at the rear end of the pool side, chatting with one of the girls and passing time, the number of girls present were really too much and i pitied them cos they did not know the kind of guys they were dealing with. After the normal birthday frenzy by the pool side we all entered the club which has already been paid for in advance and so we all entered freely and the girls started showing their talents while the boys virtually drunk exhibited all forms of madness and i looked like a novice in their midst. I later sat at one of the cushions in the club hall pinging while i waited for chuks and his friends to finish cos he said that all of us will go to his house for the final show from the club. Around 2am we all drove to chuks house in a very long convoy cos most of the guys came with their cars. We all trooped into chuks house a massive one storey building with numerous rooms{maybe up to 5o rooms am nt really sure},and his parents were not living there, we all grouped together as he shared the rooms to us and saying that all the girls have all been settled and we should pick anyone we like, even if we want two at a time. The life of the rich is really worth living and as i looked around i prepared myself for another night{morning} of drama……
To be continued
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