*pls dont mind the english*
Chuks showed me my own room and whispered to me that rubbers are under one of the pillows and i entered the room too tired and lay down on the bed, i did not choose or pick any girl that night because i did not know where they came from and i dont take unnecessary risks which i might regret tomorrow, i was about dozing off when i heard a tap on my own door cos i left it open and i got up instantly, i saw a girl standing hesitantly by the door and i asked her “what is the matter? And she came closer to me and i saw her face cos i left the light on, it was the same girl i chatted with by the pool side earlier “pls allow me to sleep here tonight she said” and i asked her why in which she replied in a shaken voice that two of the guys wants to f.u.ck her the same time and she became scared and ran away only to see me here “pls dont allow them to hurt me she begged and i felt for her, and told her to switch off the lights, lock the door and make herself comfortable that nothing will happen to her and she thanked me profusely. I was about asking her some more questions when i heard some knocking at the door, i ignored it but it became persistent and chuks started calling my name, i got up and opened the door and immediately i opened the door chuks switched on the light and said “nawa for you ooo why you carry another guy share come hide? He asked while the other two guys with him tried to enter the room, i blocked the door and said “no you are not taking this girl from here” whaaaat they all exclaimed and looked at me with anger and suprise while i composed myself for the next thing coming.,..
To be continued

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