“Which kind joke be dis one nah” chuks asked me and i told him that i have already booked the babe previously before the two guys dave and emma tried to harass her, but dave was not listening to my explanation he was busy ranting and cursing me and i suspected that the drinks he took earlier was now controlling him, by now two other guys have also come out from their own rooms supporting dave and now i was clearly out numbered but yet determined not to give up on the struggle, chuks was now highly annoyed and he walked away obviously to go and meet his own girl cos time was going. Dave now pushed me but i stood my ground and pushed back while emma gave me a blow on my face which sent me a bit back, the two other guys now entered and dragged the struggling girl back to daves room while she cried for me to help her, i was out numbered but yet i did not know what was giving me the strength or maybe its because i noticed that they were all drunk, i reached down and heaved emma flunging him by the side while i rushed and drew dave back on his trouser as he moved to join the guys carrying the struggling girl, i was really suprised that in all the noise and fracas none of the other girls came out to help their friend. Dave have now managed to reach his own room this time and he swung his hand hitting me on the jaw, i bent down holding my jaw and at the same time hitting him on the stomach, he squatted immediately holding his stomach while the two guys that carried the girl now faced me “wetin be your own self” one of them asked as i prayed within myself for God to help me cos i knew that the other guys will soon come out and none of them would take my action calmly nor take my side, for i was fighting in what that does not concern me. But luckily everyones attention was immediately turned to dave who was vomitting seriously…..
To be continued

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