Dave continued vomitting while we all looked on cos we knew it was the alcohol he consumed earlier that was disturbing him, but he soon started gasping for breath and before we knew it he was on the floor shaking vigorously, we all still stood perplexed and confused, what is happening to dave someone asked bringing us all to our senses, the guy who asked the question was Ejike, daves cousin he had just entered the room, he moved closer and gave dave another look and screamed oh my God he is having another crisis “crisis!” we all exclaimed, yea he is asthmatic ejike answered and everyone started offering solution immediately, the windows were immediately flung open as the ceiling fan was turned on while switching off the air conditioner, yet he was getting worst and i panicked. What of his inhaler someone asked and he got no response by now everyone has come out from their rooms and were in each corner gossiping, while chuks was fumming, having no other choice i reached down and carried dave and i was lucky he had a smallish nature while another guy helped me and we carried him to my car while some of the boys followed and we drove to federal medical centre{f.m.c} please Lord save me today i prayed as i drove to the hospital by early hours of that morning with dave still gasping for breath and getting worst…..
To be continued

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