We finally reached the hospital and luckily the paramedics were present to do their magic and it wasnt long before dave got himself, i later apologised to the guys when we all returned to chuks house that morning and they all took it in good faith expecially when i promised to fund another party for them. I travelled home that weekend and spent a week with my family before coming back to the hostel, agatha was really happy when i returned and promised to visit me the following day which was monday and i was glad and prepared specially for her visit. She came around 10am that morning looking very radiant and beautiful, she was dressed in blue jean trouser and shirt and i embraced her immediately we met “i missed you” i said and she asked me whether i was sure. We settled down, chatted and watched movie and she even cooked for me that afternoon, i was suprised for she was behaving more than nice to me today and i asked her what was the secret she smiled and kept quiet and i went closer to her and tried to kiss her but she turned her face immediately and i felt embarassed, i smiled and apologised and as i turned to move back to my old position she immediately asked me “do you really love me” i froze cos i was suprised, then turned to see her looking directly into my eyes as if she can read my thoughts from my eyes “yes i answered immediately” without even thinking “you sure” she asked again and i moved closer again to her and pressed my lips on hers and she opened her mouth, she wasnt good in kissing or i might say inexperienced, we kissed for a while before i unbottoned her shirt and bra romancing her back and handling her bare bosoms, i did not waste time before pulling off her trousers else she change her mind but she was busy moaning and was very high and as i reached to pull off her pants she held my hand and looked at me intently with tears dripping off her eyes and asked “do you really love me, pls tell cos am a virgin” i swallowed and froze again, this girl is different from others besides she is a good born again christain and she wants to break her vow for me, but did i really love her i asked myself but could not get any answer, because even though i feel for her i do not know whether it is love and besides she is a virgin, only if she wasnt a virgin, i thought while she faced me still looking at me with tears in her eyes “pls do you love me she asked again’…..
To be continued….

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