“I really do love you but i think its better we forget about sex for now” i finally answered and she looked at me in suprise “why did you just change your mind” she asked me in a low voice “because its unbiblical and a sin, and i do respect your body cos its a temple of God” i replied back “no she said, its not only my body but everyones body is a temple of God” she corrected me and smiled “but isnt it what you wanted” she asked again and i replied yea i was tempted but by Gods grace i have overcome it and am ready to wait with you till Gods time. With suprise and admiration in her eyes she said “i love you” to me and promised not to ever forget this day in her life. I was happy with my final decision cos i have weighed the consequences and was not ready to take that risk, i never knew she was a virgin and seriously my respect for her increased from that moment and in my mind i decided to reserve her for the future. I later dropped her at her family house in the evening and her mum delayed me for a while when i went in to greet her, really agatha is from a good family and i smiled within me as i drove back to my hostel thinking how happy we would be as husband and wife but d--n i then remembered she once told me she had a fiancee, anyway next time i see her i would ask her about him and my mood wasnt that bright again as i reached my hostel.
Passing by james room i heard some noises and what seemed like a fighting noise and i stopped, knocking on his door but no one answered, i turned the door knob and it opened, and i was suprised to see chinwe and james fighting, james was hitting her while chinwe was dodging the blows and cursing him, i held james and pulled him away from her and she ran immediately to her room, james in anger then told me that chinwe spent a week in a guys house the period i travelled and i was greatly annoyed and downcast even though i perfectly hid it from james as i tried to advice him and i then concluded in my mind to end everything with chinwe, i stepped out of james room and was about to head towards chinwes room when i saw judith coming towards me….

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