My Joystick leaped in joy and i immediately remembered that i just denied it food this afternoon, hullo judith greeted me”see your life naw, you dont even bother to call me” and i apologised “i no gree unless you go buy me ice cream this evening” she said and i smiled and told her to follow me lets go and get some and she beamed with joy as we went to my car and headed towards orji cos the fastfood at amawire is the nearest to okwu uratta. We got back that evening and she ate her ice cream and other things i bought while i went to take my night bath but was suprised when i saw an Unclad judith enter the bathrøom when i was almost done and said “you lazy boy u go sleep there naw, i don wait tire mcheeew” as she squatted and grabbed my Joystick, felt it and put it in her mouth sucking expertly, i groaned in pleasure cos it has been long i had s.ex last. At last she was done with sucking and sat me down on the toilet seat, she opened the rubber which she brought under my bed when entering my bathroom{ the rubber i would have used on agatha} and inserted it on me while lowering herself on my pelvic region as my Joystick penetrated her, she was very wet and her k---y was hot. She rocked, grinded and slamed me and it wasnt long before i poured out, she then removed the rubber, did her magic again and my Joystick became alive again, now its your turn to give it to me she said as she held my Joystick and entered my room, i inserted another rubber and slamed her real hard, giving it to her as she wanted, but then someone was knocking on my door persistenly, who could it be i thought as i plunged and pulled faster on judith, some slim girls are really wonderful i thought as i continued rocking, ignoring the person on my door…
To be continued

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