Sandra fell for my friend’s charming nature and innocent look, that within a short time she became our everyday visitor. Sandra is a dark skinned average sized girl with big b---m and huge Bottom, frank often says that it was her Bottom that drew him to her. Sandra herself wasnt really that innocent cos she was the party type who drinks and often smokes, she likes anything fun and i know that numerous guys must have been intimate with her. She was not the shy type and she is a very friendly girl, that within a matter of days she started visting frank had made friends with almost everyone in the compound especially girls. I traveld one weekend only to come back sunday evening meeting sandra at our apartment, frank grinned and winked at me. She prepared dinner for us that night and went to the kitchen to wash the dishes when frank started gisting me how he had been enjoying her since friday that i travelled, we joked about it for sometime before sandra came in and we started watching a nigerian movie before i arranged my own foam{we had two foams which stay on top of the other in day time and brought down in the night} and slept off.
I woke up in the middle of the night hearing groans or moaning, i opened one eye and lo and behold sandra was straddling my friend, sleep immediately left me when i saw sandra’s Unclad huge bosoms dangling, my hammer immediately awoke and i was feeding my eyes devouring her attractive shape, by this time frank has grabbed her two bosoms with his two hands and was squeezing them before sandra detached from frank, grabbed his rooster and into her mouth it went, she kept on sucking as if her life depended on it until frank started begging her to insert his hammer inside her k---y, she removed her mouth and climbed on him rubbing and pressing her huge b---m on franks face. He tried to hold her but she quickly freed her self went to the vcd nd inserted a disk inside, immediately shakira’s hip don’t lie track broke the deadly silence in the room, reducing the volume she started dancing Unclad and shaking her hips, frank immediately sprang up like a wounded lion and went for her but she pushed him down on the chair, climbed on top of him and rode him, it wasnt long before frank jerked forward and precipated. My hammer then went down knowing that the food wasnt meant for him….
To be continued

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