Most part of my second semester was uneventful because of my busy schedule however i introduced agatha to most of my friends and we were almost inseperatable, frank really liked her and they got along fine because even though she had a quiet nature she was also very jovial. She then explained to me further about her fiancee, his name is paul and he is the son of the wealthy senior pastor of their church, he is a lawyer and very religous but dosent show her care, he calls only but once everyday, and she told me that she used to like him but her feelings for him reduced when i surfaced and i really looked forward to seeing him which i soon was obliged and it was on her birthday.
Agatha had invited i and frank to her birthday celebration which was always celebrated in her house with her parents and family members and it was just a quiet dinner, no partying or dancing as she told me it was their policy since she was born. On that fateful evening i and frank dressed corporately putting on a well ironed plain trouser and long sleeve shirts and we looked very innocent and decent. On getting to their vast compound we alighted from my car and agatha came forward embraced us and took us into their sitting room, her dad was present and sitting beside him was a young man of about 28 dressed in suit and looked very comfortable and rich, agathas two brothers were not around cos they were studying abroad. The other chairs were occupied with fours girls whom i presumed were agathas friends, her dad welcomed us and i greeted agathas fiancee but he wasnt too pleased seeing me there even though he managed to keep a smiling face but i soon forgot about him as i concentrated in anwsering the jamb question agathas dad was throwing at me. Lets all go to the dinning, her mum said as she came into the sitting room and we all trooped to the dinning. The dinning table was magnificiently arranged and everybody sat down to eat with agathas mum dishing out the food, frank looked at me and i almost laughed because instead of spoons, what we saw in front of us were forks and knives, and napkins, and i knew frank wasnt good with fork and knife and i myself used it last in secondary school and as i prepared to eat like a gentle man i looked up one more time and saw paul{agathas fiancee} looking at me with a kind of spark in his eyes, hope this guy is not furious i said within me as i faced the huge task ahead eating with fork and knife in front of a 21st century family…..
To be continued

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