Seriously i did not enjoy the meal cos i could not eat comfortably and finally dinner soon ended with a long prayer from her dad and giving of birthday gifts, i just gave her a gold necklace and a simple large drawing of herself which really cost me quite a considerable amount of money. Her dad soon retired to his room and we all followed her mum to the sitting room where she and the other girls engaged in a hot discussion, i and frank were the only odd ones there and we felt uneasy even though our facial expression were full of smiles, we soon stood to go with an excuse that we are staying in a bad area and agatha followed to see us off. As we got outside we spent almost another 30mins gisting with her and even forgot that we were just about to go, “agatha what are you still doing there” paul asked and we were suprised cos we did not see him coming, she replied coldly to him that she was coming and murmured something, paul was very much annoyed as he gave us a bad look and he told her to follow him immediately, she kept quiet and still stood where she was, as he advanced to drag her in, but seriously this guy is over doing this i thought even though we kept mute and watched but as he tried to drag her she withdrew her hand and paul became embarassed and she screamed to him “leave me alone am coming naw” and just then agathas mum called her, she was standing at the front pavement of the house watching us and as agatha advanced towards her mum she said “also come with your friends i want to talk to them” we were suprised and as we went towards agathas mum, we reasoned what on earth she would want to discuss with us…
To be continued

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