Whats happening over there agathas mum asked as we reached where she was standing and agatha explained the whole thing to her, she then told paul to wait for her inside while she continued with us, “what is your plan for my daugher” she asked and i told her we were great friends and that her daugher brought me closer to God. She heaved a sigh of relieve and then began her lectures on how she trusted her daughter and how she allowed me into their family that i should not betray her trust and i should make sure we will not be more than friends because their church doctrine does not allow them to be yoked with unbelievers, however she was diplomatic in her statement but i understood her perfectly well, which means am not good for her daughter as long as i am not a member of their church but that she accepted me out of her respect for her daughter. As we drove back home that evening i thought about all she said but it did not come as a suprise to me cos i knew most pentecostal churches does not allow their members to marry outside their fold. However i was very much suprised the following day to see agatha on my door’ i heard a knock and opened and there she was, she never even told me she was coming, she apologised for her mums utterances the previous day and i pretended as if nothing was amiss and we later kissed and romanced a bit for she now enjoys kissing, after which she looked at me with seriousness and said “swty’ i would like you to join my church” hmmm but you know am a stunch catholic naw? I asked her, she looked down and told me that she does not want to loose me but there is no how we would continue with this if i do not enter her church. I was shocked suprised and annoyed “who the hell does this girl think she is, or is it because of her virginity self” i reasoned within me, even if love is killing me, she has no right to give me this kind of condition, a whole mbano boy like me “e be like my too much care has gotten into her head, nah she even suppose change church because of me” i continued reasoning “i no fit do dis one ooo” i concluded, “swty what do you have to say now pls answer me am serious” she asked bringing me back to myself and as i looked at her i could see seriousness and love on her face and i knew within me that i do not want to lose her at least not yet and i knew i would have to go about this diplomatically. Swty answer me naw! She said again…..
To be continued

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