We soon began our final year project which was one of the most expensive and time consuming research we have ever engaged on. Due to the nature of my course of study our project was grouped into three phases. The field experimentation and research, the preparation and writing of the result in a documented form, the defence and final submission of the typed project and we were grouped under some lecturers in twos or more depending on the choice of the HOD and i was grouped with only a girl who was my agemate under one professor. I hated this period though i learnt a lot from it even though it consumed alot of my money, but i devoted my time this period, with my project and hardly had time for any other thing, chinwe still comes around sometimes but no longer as before and i had not ended my silly romance with her while judith had gone back to her own school, sussy havnt visited me for long though i do not have the time to invite her, and frank and agatha were the only ones i was more in contact with. By now frank was through with the main part of his clearance and it was remaining for him to collect his result so he was very much free, joy was still staying with him up till now and like he told me it wasnt easy and he was feeling its bite even though i knew he really likes her more than any other girl he had involved with. As i said earlier joy was extremely beautiful but from a very poor and carefree family and they had no ambition of training her in tertiary institution even though joy was hungry for it, however frank still maintains his promise of training her once he is through with nysc. But joys family wasnt happy the way she was staying with frank all they wanted was for her to get married and according to joys mother frank was decieving and influencing her daughter and she saw frank as an obstacle, joy was just around 19yrs or so this period and she dosent even want to go home again, she prefers to stay with frank in school and once again frank was living like a married man in school….
To be continued

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