I sent her a long text in franks house telling her that am now ready to join her church and that am very serious even though i knew it wasnt from my heart, all i just wanted was to get her back and now i knew that some lies are better to be told than a painful truth. I spent all of that day in franks house cos seriously i thought my body was immune to this kind of feeling but alas i was wrong and i now found myself falling into the same pit i had avoided all these while, and i do not know why people i really like tend to be the difficult ones but i guess its too late now cos she never still picked my calls nor replied my message, and i went to sleep that night feeling bad. The following day i decided not to go out but to stay in my room throughout the day, but chinwe soon came and cheered me up and seriously i really appreciated her company even though i did not touch her, the time was around 2pm and i was eating the rice chinwe brought for me when i heard a knock on my door, chinwe was in my bathroom washing my dirty pots so i went and opened my door, and standing at my door was agatha, i was overjoyed and it clearly showed on my face, she too smiled to me and said i got your text and sincerely am happy with your decision, cos i had no other choice she told me, i hugged her and as we entered my room she froze for chinwe just came out of my bathroom with pots on her hand and she too was suprised, my own shock was the worst cos in my joy i had forgotten that chinwe was in my room and i just felt like the earth should swallow her up. The situation was very tense as agatha looked at me for an explanation and i immediately composed myself as i set to make introductions which would decide my fate…..
To be continued

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