I went closer to agatha and held her waist romantically{but i did that in order to prevent her from leaving incase } and finally i said “chinwe meet my dearest sweet heart i have been telling you about” and baby{agatha} meet my dearest neighbour who had been my good companion and friend since i packed into this hostel” i concluded and waited as i looked from agatha to chinwe as they assimilated what i just told them, the colour of my face changed as i waited for the result of my introduction, and finally agatha moved forward and said a gentle hello to chinwe who immediately faked a smile and said “you are very welcome” and immediately she went to the balconcy to keep my pots inside my cupboard. She soon came out of the balconcy with a fake smile and told me that she was leaving, i said a quick “ok nah later” as i smiled within myself, atleast agatha did not suspect anything i thought, “hope you are not going cos i came” agatha asked polietly while chinwe said a dry “no” and left. I began eating my neglected rice again with my thoughts running up and down while agatha gave me a suspicious look. I knew agatha was still suspicious even though she did not ask me anything about chinwe again, but i was happy with one thing, at least she now knows i can survive without her. We later spent the whole of that afternoon planning on how to meet her pastor and other church stuff and she later left with joy for she thought i was very serious with the church thing. Later that evening after agatha had gone, i decided to go and settle with chinwe cos even though i knew she was a cheap girl to me, i still valued her, though i felt nothing but lust for her. But then i could not afford to loose her this period cos i had reduced the number of female friends i have and she is the most willing and available of them all besides being the cheapest cos she wasnt after my money. I took a quick bath, wore my night cloth, sprayed my perfume, slipped a packet of rubber inside my trouser and headed to her room. My plan was that i will not leave her room that night even though i was skeptical on whether she would still allow me into her room again and as i walked to her room i prayed she should atleast open the door, so that once i enter i will refuse to go back to my room and sleeping in her room means i might get lucky. Finally i got to her room and knocked with a silly plan in my head, but then i knew there was no other way to settle with chinwe than to hope on luck cos i knew my plan s.ucks…
To be continued

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