Chinwe opened her door and i entered happily, at least step one is over i said in my mind, i tried apologising and making some explanations but she cut me short and said “its okay what are friends for” and i was overjoyed and happy even though i was kind of suprised “is this for real?” i asked myself. She had just finished preparing indomie when i entered and i watched her as she ate with numerous ideas racing through my head, she soon was done with eating and went to take her bath while i was engrossed with my phone chatting on facebook but then the unusual silence between us was kind of freaky and i knew she was hiding her feelings from me, “please i want to sleep now” she finally said and i looked up and saw her in a seductive night wear, a transparent short sleeveless nightie and it was a new one cos i havent seen her put it on before, i stood up and came close to her saying “i want to sleep in your room tonight” why? She asked me and as i looked at her face i said “cos am lonely” she murmured something to herself and laid down on her bed saying “please dont ever think of touching me tonight” i smiled and asked her why, but she kept quiet and started playing with her phone, while i switched off her light and lay beside her. Now i engrossed myself thinking of how to start “should i start with caressing or by kissing her ear{cos she loves it} i asked myself and was still thinking when i noticed she had started sleeping, i immediately sent a good night text to agatha and switched off my phone as i faced chinwe. I caressed her back for a while and there was no response or moan and i gently reached down to her b---m, squeezing gently, this time she turned and raised her head, noticed what i was doing and sat up, i sat up as well and tried to hold her but was stunned when a very fast and sharp slap landed on my face, “ouch it was painfull oo” but wasnt embarassing since we were the only one in the room, i smiled stupidly saying “babe wots wrong naw” as i tried to touch her again but this time she pushed me with a great force and told me to leave her room or else she will scream. I havent felt this disgraced by a female before and i looked at her thinking of the next line of action to take while my Joystick returned to its original size, i have never seen chinwe in this mood before cos her composure clearly showed me that she was battle ready for me tonight and i was in disbelief and out of ideas but yet i still wanted her…
To be continued

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