Sandra gradually turned our apartment into her home, she became the madam of the house, always deciding what to cook, movie to watch etc, i became a squatter in my own room cos she and frank started living like married couples. She even started going to school from our room, all these were happening to my greatest displeasure but in order keep my friendship with frank, i had to keep mute cos any confrontation might be termed jealousy. So this continued and i was enduring even though sometimes frank do ask me whether am inconvienced but i told him no! politely even though he could have seen through my actions that i was not happy. However sandra living with us did not change frank’s love of feminine adventures that we still go after babes at random, sandra however noticed franks unfaithfulness but much to my surprise tried to change him instead of calling it quits with him, i guess she really loved him cos they were almost like birds of the same feather. However this often lead to quarrel between them with both accusing each other of unfaithfulness however they always tend to settle at night. Frank later met a girl who works as a sales girl in one of the shops at works layout, we started going there almost every evening with frank in his usual way playing mr innocent. Sandra was suspicious as ever and tried to get me tell her the truth {a mistake girls tend to make, trying to ask her boyfriend’s friend whether her boyfriend is cheating} offcourse i denied any knowlegde of sort, but one of our nosy male neighbour’s told sandra the bitter truth of franks infidelity. Sandra fumed and tried to quarrel with frank but my friend was an expert in fallacy. He played mr nice and sandra foolishly opened up and photocopyed exactly what our neighbour told her to frank.. He hid his feelings and the following morning he told me exactly what sandra told him. What a snitch¤ I gasped under my breath, that was when i knew that to interfer into boyfriend & girlfriend matter is very risky..
To be continued….

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