Maybe if i could dedicate my time in worshipping God then i might change i thought and the idea of going to agathas church became a good idea to me, but then how possible would it be i asked myself cos i knew that i was very lazy in church activities in catholic ‘talkless’ of a pentecostal church where all members have a specific role to play in the church, i was really troubled all because of one phrase HE~GOAT. I later dropped agatha at her place with her parting words being “i know something is wrong with you anyway i would pray for you” i smiled and said thanks and seriously i needed prayers.
I got to my hostel later that afternoon and as i opened my door chinwe came towards me and said hello with a naughty smile on her face, i answered her politely with a blank expression on my face and as i entered my room she followed me, i said nothing and just allowed her in and she went straight to my tv switched it on and sat down watching as if everything was ok. I ignored her and concentrated in preparing some of my project materials but was interupted when she leaned closer to me and asked me “dear how do you really feel about me” not again i said within me and kept quiet, so you dont want to answer me she said and i angrily told her to let me be after all you started it by embarassing me yesterday i told her, she kept quiet and returned to her original position and i happily concentrated on my work. I soon was done with the work i was doing and then looked at chinwe but was suprised to see her crying “whats wrong with you nah” i asked nonchalantly but she ignored me and continued crying, i went towards her and placed my hand on her shoulder and asked “tell me now? She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said “i have being doing everything to please you all these while yet you treat me like nothing” i felt remorse in my mind but then i asked her “but you have other boyfriends nah” she gave me a horrible look and said “if i have other boyfriends what will i be doing with you or do you think am a s--t” i wasnt prepared for all these and was confused on what to do but then she was really crying, and my heart bled the more when she said “GOD will judge between us” as she stood up to go and now i was torn between my likeness and fond for chinwe and my love for agatha, i looked at her as she opened my door to leave, “wait” i finally exclaimed…

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