She stopped at the door and looked at me with tears in her eyes, i went towards her and embraced her saying “am sorry, i did not know you really felt for me this strongly”, she placed her face on my shoulders and still continued crying “i have loved you since the first day i met you” she confessed and i was lacking in suitable words to say to her. I drew her to my bed and carried her on my laps while cleaning her tears “i ended my relationship with james just because of you” she continued “and i have been waiting all these while for your love” she concluded “its ok nah” i finally said cos the more she spoke the more my heart bled and i do not want to hear more of it again and “it pains me whenever i see you with a girl and i cant stand it again” she finally added. I felt guilty and regretted why i had involved myself in all these and truthfully i was grateful in all she had been doing for me even sacrificing her own time and money just to please me and i knew the worst thing i would do was to let her walk out of me in this stage cos i was not that heartless even though am not strongly in love with her. She held my jaw and looked up at me in her usual way and seriously i knew she really loved me but then i could not make her my girlfriend cos james is yet to know and we are still doing it secretly to my delight and now she wants everything to change. I then thought of how i would face james if this comes out in public and i weighed my odds and concluded i could not risk it. She drew my face down and we kissed for a while with her sucking my tongue hungrily and i held her closely as i saw her close her eyes, then in a frenzy she opened her eyes and drew back my face though still holding it and asked me “so do you love me?? And as i looked at her i knew she wanted me to give her a positive answer and besides some lies are better told than a painfull truth but then is it fair to do this to her, i asked myself as she gazed at me waiting for an answer…
To be continued

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