we later left the fastfood joint{chinwe and i} and as we left the place, i looked at bro paul one more time, and was suprised to see him watching us, who knows what was in his mind i reasoned. But seriously bro paul is a very rich young guy and i often wondered why he would be embarassing himself because of agatha, but my thoughts was soon cut short when my phone rang as we were driving home and i panicked thinking it was agatha cos chinwe was playing with my phone, she handed the phone over to me and it was my mum she had called to remind me to come back home the following day because of her birthday that dad wanted to celebrate for her. “Jeez” i had even forgotten and thank God she called “nawa for me oo” i said to myself. I slept like a baby that night{chinwe later went to her room} and the following morning i packed some of the stuffs i would need at home and soon i was on my way to coal city{enugu} the land of pretence and decency, though i first stopped at school to see my supervisor cos it was on thursday{mums birthday was on friday}. I got to coal city around 1pm and everyone welcomed me with joy especially my sisters. some of my sisters friends and some children of our family friends were already around including adaora my mums god daughter and pet, she was the daughter of my dads best friend though her dad was based abroad while her mum is a known politician, she was my younger sister’s classmate when she was in f.g.g.c owerri, but she is now in her finals cos she was studying a four year course in unn. I used to like her back then as a child and we do get along well even till now and i must say she grew to be a very beautiful fair tall quiet girl though i cant say much about her character cos everyone pretends at home. Our compound was soon agog with preparation and arranging of things and we all laboured that evening working very hard. Around 8pm that evening mum came to my room very happy, she sat on my bed and we soon began gisting about school{it had really been long i discussed privately with my mum} finally she asked me about my girlfriend and i became very shy saying am yet to have any, my mum was really vexed when she heard that and prompted me further to tell her the truth and i finally told her about christy and how we broke up, she then relaxed saying i nearly stopped her heart from beating “cos i knew that i am her only son so she was scared that i was a *halfman*, when i said i had no girlfriend”{that was my mum, she discusses freely with us}, i laughed out loud and she finally told me with laughter on her face that she really likes adaora and would want her to be a member of our family….hmmm was all i could say cos i knew mum dosent eat her words…
To be continued

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