Why the “hmmm” mum asked me, i kept quiet, and she added, am not forcing her on you, i just told you my mind but you can forget it she concluded, but mum how are you sure she dosent have a fiancee by now i asked and she replied saying adaora told her she is still searching “hmmm so you two have even spoken about it” i said to myself, i looked at mums face but it was blank, i already have enough feminine problems how do i add adaora into the list now even though i knew mum wasnt forcing me but then it would really make her happy if i could get down with adaora and i hate displeasing my mum but my happiness was that at least i still have some free years before they would start forcing me to marry, but seriously i never even had thought of adaora in that way cos her class and family were far above our standard and i always see her as a very big girl so most times i do show her that respect and avoid her even though she spends most of her holiday with us but then i had always been too occupied to even notice. Mummy dont worry i will consider it i said and she immediately changed the topic and we gisted about other things. The following morning as i went to warm my car i passed adaora as she was coming out of the car park, and i remembered all mum had told me the previous day and some evil thoughts started flowing into my head as i looked at her the way i hadnt done before and i noticed she was d--n pretty with good assets and lots of money, i chuckled and said ‘d--n’ to myself. She passed and greeted me as usual without even ‘flicking’ an eyebrow and i thought maybe she knew nothing about it and i soon forgot about her as my phone rang and it was agatha.
The birthday party went very well till late at night cos dads friends came very late and i made sure i stole upto two cartoons of maltina and star beer each which i hid in my room for subsequent flexing in school, and i was in my room for a quick lazy rest when adaora knocked and entered my room begging me to help her with her laptop settings which she had mistakenly altered as she sat on my bed looking at me and i soon got to work by her side fixing the laptop which i soon finished and she thanked me and was about to leave when i told her to sit for awhile which she calmly did as we looked at each other and i smiled thinking of how to start a conversation though i had no bad intentions in my mind, atleast not yet….
To be continued

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