Chatting with adaora that night turned out to be fun cos i found out that she really loves much of the stuff i do, especially foreign musics and celebrity news which made her company entertaining and delightful to me, we soon ended our discussion that night in a very joyful mood and i spent my night dreaming of her. My weekend at home really turned out to be fun and for the first time i took my sisters out for a treat including adaora, however i noticed that my sisters tend to disappear anytime i was with adaora even though i pretended not to notice. However i behaved like a saint at home and on sunday afternoon i was set to go, though i had already booked an appointment with adaora and she had promised to visit me the next weekend though she suprised me the more by leaving her new iphone for me and i was really overjoyed cos seriously i cant use my money to buy that gadget even though i like it alot and it seems like she knew i was fond of it and decided to leave it for me. I reached my hostel around 4pm and invited frank who came with joy and we had a wonderful evening together as we gisted about my affairs “its now your time” he finally said as he shook his head and i laughed as i remembered how frank used to be the number one player but now joy isnt giving him any chance. Chinwe came around 8pm that night and we slept together even though i did not touch or even hold her which suprised her, while my mind was focused on how to prepare for adaora cos she is a big girl and i needed to create a good impression, so i spent my night planning on things to buy and arrange before she comes cos i was feeling like a guy on his first date even though i knew that once i have s.ex with her my interest will shift and i will focus on my dear agatha once again, but then i needed to have a taste of adaora, atleast am still a bachelor so i got no guilt i reasoned, while chinwe lying beside me kept on turning and tossing on the bed yet i did not notice her and kept on with my planning….
To be continued

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