our discussion soon changed to music as adaora changed the channel to Trace~tv and we engaged in some arguments while chinwe became silent cos she wasnt into music, her constant silence soon made her uncomfortable and she rose to go telling me that she was coming. I was very happy and became more relaxed as she left and i wondered whether she suspected any foul play cos you know girls can be good detectives sometimes, i smiled looking towards adaora and was suprised to see her watching me intently, “sure that girl wasnt more than a neighbour” she asked me and i replied “if she was my girlfriend she would have raised a scene naw” she really bought my answer for she never asked me anything about her again. We discussed almost the whole night and her company was really entertaining for she brought up topics unlike some girls who only talks when you ask them question. We soon slept and i behaved like a good boy, keeping my distance and not touching her, “let me wait till tomorrow” i said to myself. I woke up early that morning watching some programs i had missed yesterday which was being repeated and she woke around 6am with a sweet smile and a good morning, i smiled as i replied her and as she went to the bathroom to brush i could not help but admire her figure once again and my Joystick rose up, just then my phone rang, it was agatha who was calling thank God adaora is in the bathroom i said to myself as i picked her call “baby i dnt think we will be going to see the pastor again today, cos he had an emergency and travelled, i heaved a sigh of relieve as she continued am sorry baby dnt worry i will be coming over she concluded” no dont bother cos i will use this opportunity to go to my village on an errand i answered quickly and i noticed the silence in the other end of the line, it seemed like she wasnt too happy, dnt worry baby i will return quick and also bring some fresh fruits for you{she likes fruits alot} that seemed to make her happy as she wished me safe journey and i advised her to keep her books and bible company. Thank God adaora takes time in washing her teeth for she could have overheard the call i said to myself as the call ended and i peeped at her but she was busy rinsing her mouth. We soon had a breakfast of bread, egg and tea and she poured out a whole lot of my milk, butter and milo, even though it was very sweet i could not help but imagine how many times in a month i will be buying them if i should be eating like that, and we then got ready for some sight seeing cos i had promised to take her round owerri…
To be continued

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