I immediately drove to the park and i quickly saw her dressed in a blue jean trouser and a pink top and carrying with her a pink handbag, she was extremely beautiful and i knew mum wished the best for me, we hugged each other and gisted like old couples as we drove into a fastfood joint beside GTB along the imsu back gate road. We ordered some food and takeaway and as we sat eating her mum called her and after speaking with her mum for a while she passed the phone over to me, i was suprised that she told her mum she was with me and i spoke with her mum respectfully and she playfully told me not to spoil her daughter for her, i laughed and promised not to and she ended the call. My head swelled cos adaoras mum is the proud type{typical of female politicians} and even though we were family friends she only speaks with my parents and only talks to us when she is replying our greetings and i remembered those days during the military era when i was still in my senior primary, how we had suffered and lived in penury hardly affording three square meals{details later} and i knew mum planned my union with adaora cos she wished me well and i knew both parents wanted us to get along and know each other very well against tomorrow cos we still have much time ahead of us. “Have you watched jason derulos latest video” she asked me bringing me back to myself “is it IT~GIRL” i asked her and she smiled as she said yea the video just came out on monday and we started talking music, that was adaora very jovial and entertaining..
We soon got to my hostel and she relaxed feeling comfortable which made me happy and it wasnt long before i heard a knock on my door and when i opened, it was chinwe standing in front of my door and i wasnt too happy to let her in, but she had to come in and see my guest cos i had no other choice and i was confused on how she knew that i was back so fast. She entered my room and i began the introduction with chinwe meet adaora i have been telling you about and adaora meet my dearest friend and neighbour chinwe and they both said hello to each other while i tried to play mr innocent as i engaged both in conversation cos chinwe instead of leaving sat down on my free chair to my utter dismay….
To be continued tomorrow

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