As some of us know, owerri has just few places of attraction or sightseeing and lots of hotel and fastfood joints. so we left my hostel around 9am that morning and just drove slowly around town while we entered one street to another before going to nekede zoo to see some animals. Around 1:30pm in the afternoon we were tired and on our way back to my hostel when agatha called “wassup” i said when i picked the call and she asked me where i was and i told her that i was still busy where i told her i will be going and she said, she was waiting for me at my hostel{i gave her one my keys which i regretted that moment} “whaaat” i gasped not minding that adaora was on my side “baby dont worry am just killing time by preparing stew and soup for you just come back fast ok” she said as she cut the call not knowing why i screamed and i started sweating even though the car a/c was turned on. Who was that and whats the matter adaora asked me bringing me out of my shock, i smiled and lied to her that my neighbour chinwe called asking to know where i was cos she had just returned from the market and i had begged her to help me buy somethings before she left for market, she said “hmmm chinwe again” and i looked at her innocently and asked “whats wrong”, she just said “nothing” and kept quiet even though i knew she was keeping her thoughts to herself but i was beyond caring cos i have a bigger problem to solve now. I knew there is no way i could now drive to my hostel with adaora knowing fully well that agatha was in my room, its true i can decieve others but not agatha cos she is a very sensitive girl and i prayed she doesnt see any of adoras stuff even though they were inside the wardrope but you never can tell. Then a plan got into my head and i diverted towards aladinma axis instead of okwu uratta, where are we going adaora asked, as she looked at me when i stopped at a gate and i replied “baby lets go and see my best friend cos our outing is yet to get started and you know the more the merrier” i concluded as i smiled to her and she smiled back cos i havnt introduced her to any of my friends before and she laughed as i cracked a joke atleast i and frank would come out with a plan i confidiently concluded….
To be continued

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