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Episode 1

I got admitted into the university {Imsu}at the age of seventeen. I was still an inexperienced shy virgin who just got admitted into the university straight from the seminary secondary school. I was overwhelmed cos it was my first time of being on my own without anybody to obey or fear and the land of owerri where imsu is located is truly blessed. It is a land flowing with milk and honey of the female gender, a land filled with different assorted types of babes with different sizes, shapes, colour and behaviour. A land where fun seekers loaded with money flock to behold the beauty of Gods creation. This was the land i got my admission.
My friend and roomate frank was older and more experienced than i am cos he had spent a year already on campus when he did his predegree programme, so he was more like my mentor and he did not waste time in introducing me to the world of fornication. He always took me with him anytime he goes girl hunting and i always do enjoy following him and that was how we met Amaka. We met Amaka in a “joint” one friday evening with her friends, frank being the bold one approached her and after the usual chat she agreed to go clubbing with us in company of her friends, and we later came back around 2am with her the following morning{after tactiful discharging her friends}, and Immediately we entered our room i laid down and pretended to sleep off, while frank told her to go and freshen up. she obeyed and entered the bathroom while frank used the opportunity to come towards where i was lying and shook me, “guy dis nah your opportunity oo” he said to me, but i was scared and so i told him that “i was not in the mood”, but sincerely i was interested but shy, and frank left me alone after shruggling, “you too dull” he said to me, before leaving me alone…..
Frank and amaka made love all through that morning, under my nose and I was very much excited, but i still pretended to be asleep, while i watched with one eye, “hmmm so this is campus life” i muttered under my breath with my mouth open…. I finally dozed off after watching them for a while and woke up later in the morning with the memory of what i had just witnessed still fresh in my head, and i watched in wonder and respect for frank as he saw her off… “D--n i must really taste this” i said to myself that morning, and dearest friends that was how it all started…….

join the growing sexuality readers…..{warning explict content}

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