baby please i would really need
to think about it i finally
answered while stroking her
hair, she rose up from my body
and looked at me with suprise
“what is there to think about, or
is this my simple request too
difficult for you? She asked this
time with an angry face and i
was stunned, i tried to hold her
back to explain but she pushed
away my hand with a kind of
fury i have never seen in her
before, and got on her feet
saying “now i know you dont
really love me, imagine i was
even ready to break up with paul
because of you, a guy who did
nothing to me”, she dressed up
very fast saying “the devil is a
liar” as she stormed out of my
room. I followed her to the
staircase but she wasnt even
listening to me and my own
anger overcame me “nawaoo is
it by force to convert to another
church” i said to myself and
regretted not f.ucking her when i
had the oportunity. I was unable
to sleep that night and thought
about her all through the night,
since that evening she even
stopped picking my calls which
even pained me the more. The
following morning i went to
franks house and told him
everything but my friend burst
out in laughter “o boy you mumu
oo” he said, “while others are
looking for virgins you see one
and you no do anything” and
burst out in another laughter,
but this wasnt a laughing matter
and his laughter was paining me
and i felt like hitting him. Guy this
is serious i finally said and he
looked at me and said “ok you
want solution” he asked me and i
replied yes ofcourse “then join
her church naw after all if you
get wetin you want you can still
leave the church” he said. I saw
reason in what he just said, but
isnt it somehow to join another
church because of girl, i asked
myself but then i really do not
want to loose agatha and i made
up my mind to join her church
with deception in my mind
because i knew i will forever be a
catholic i concluded in my mind
but i was brought back to reality
when joy{franks girl} entered the
room and frank said “baby, val
wan join another church
because of girl oo” and burst out
laughing again, what a friend i
murmured as i watched frank
and joy laughing at me….
To be continued

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