i travelled home again on thursday 23rd febuary 2012, cos i really needed to sort things out with adaora for good cos uptill now she still refused to pick my phone calls and so i really needed to see her so that i could really know my stand in our relationship……

I drove into our compound around 6pm that evening and i was surprised to see her and my sister{my immediate younger sister} in a joyful mood and upon enquiry i was surprised to hear that they both had gotten their nysc call up letters, “hmmm so fast” i said to myself in astonishment and i realised that moment that i had lost touch with my family that i even did not know that my sister and even adaora would be going for their ‘nysc’ with batch A group in march, “hmmm very silly of me” i said to myself as i quietly walked into my room….

Adaora pretended not to notice me that evening and i also let her be cos the worst thing i would do to myself was to create a scene in our house, and i felt that she was really prepared and ready me, so i had to give her way….. “Where did they post you” i finally asked my sister when i met her in the kitchen later in the evening and she smiled, “they posted adaora and i to abuja” she said to me delightfully and i was really happy for her, even though i felt somehow uneasy that my junior sister is going for her “nysc” before me, “hmmm and adaora did not even tell me” i said to her but she merely gave me an askance look before saying “cos you dont care about her” she replied and i was stunned…. “Who knows what she had told them” i said to myself as i left the kitchen that night and my thoughts kept wondering recklessly as i thought of the solution to my problem cos i might not be seeing adaora again after this week, because nysc camp was scheduled to open the following week and she and my sister had been posted to abuja courtesy of adaoras mum, so i needed to act fast, but then how do i go about it, i wondered cos my lies might not work for me this time and the most annoying thing also was that my sisters tend to side with her and i am now left out as a prodigal brother, who dosent want the best for himself…..
To be continued….

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